San Jose SEO Expert – The Secrets

In today’s world, a san jose seo SEO expert is always in demand as people look to improve the position of their websites in Google and other search engines. There are many tools and methods which are used by these experts to improve the rank or position of a website.

Here are 4 secrets or facts about SEO, which can help you in becoming an SEO expert:

san jose seo expert
san jose seo expert

1) External optimization is more important than internal optimization
Most SEO experts say that in order to be at the top of Google search results, we need to concentrate on the internal optimization of the site and correct its layout, design, HTML codes etc. However, people fail to understand that external optimization is way more important than internal. The external factors have a larger impact on the positioning on our site and so, we must give equal importance to them, if not more.

And it comes down to one thing, generation of Links! If you do not generate links to your website, no matter how excellently optimized your site is internally, it cannot establish itself at the top of Google search results.

2) The No-follow links help the positioning of the siteWhen it comes to links, a san jose SEO expert would tell you that No-follow links are useless for the purpose of SEO. But that’s not true as all kinds of links are useful; regardless of the links being Do-follow or No-follow, they play an important part in the positioning of the site.

3) Link exchange can seriously damage your site
Yes, that’s true! Link exchange can actually damage your site at times. If there are too many link exchanges in a short period of time, the indexing software of Google will feel that the website is using illegal means for traffic generation and so it will not index the site. Link exchanges should be done over a period of time and in a systematic manner.

4) Duplicate content is damaging
People are obsessed with duplicate content and they worry that their site can be damaged if other people copy their content and publish them on other sites, as Google will penalize both the sites for having the same content. But in reality, Google will check the date when the content was uploaded and based on that, it will punish the site which has uploaded the same content on a later date.

While optimizing your website, you can keep these secrets in mind and become a san jose SEO expert.